Ultrasound Imaging Services


Are you ready to meet your new baby? Do you want to plan a gender reveal to surprise your friends and family? Or maybe you can’t wait to see your new child’s little nose and tiny fingers. At Hey Baby Ultrasound, we can help you meet your baby! You can hear the heartbeat, find out the gender, and even see your baby’s facial features!

Choose from our packages below or you can make your own package using our ala carte option. Don’t forget to check our My Baby’s Journey option for access to a live stream of your session where you can personalize your photos and videos !


Heartbeat v3.1.png

2D Gender Determination

2D Gender 3.1.png

HD live Gender Determination

HD Gender 3.1.png

HD Live High Definition

So that you get the most out of your session, we advise:

  1. Book between 26-32 weeks with the best time at 30 weeks
  2. Book when your baby’s head is down (not transverse or breech)
  3. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself well hydrated a week before your appointment to improve image clarity and space.

The result of the image will vary depending on the baby’s position, placenta location, fluid levels, and mother’s body type.

Hey Baby Ultrasound is unable to guarantee perfect or full-face images due to these factors beyond our control.

Deluxe HD Live High Definition

Deluxe 3.2.png