What Makes Hey Baby Ultrasound Different

What Makes Hey Baby Ultrasound Different

Nestled in the heart of Seattle, WA, Hey Baby Ultrasound offers a unique, personalized journey beyond the traditional ultrasound experience. We are far more than a regular ultrasound clinic - we're your partner, celebrating every milestone and momentous occasion on your journey into parenthood.

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Personalized Experience

Hey Baby Ultrasound ensures that every visit is customized to your needs, providing a spectrum of services not commonly found in a single location. We offer a range of package tiers, accommodating everything from initial heartbeat detection to a comprehensive Deluxe HD live ultrasound experience, employing state-of-the-art 3D and 4D imaging. You decide what suits your needs the best.

4D live ultrasound

State-of-the-Art Technology

Technology is at the core of our clinic, separating us from other private ultrasound providers. Whether you're seeking a simple 2D gender determination or longing for a first glimpse of your baby's facial features via a 4D ultrasound, we're equipped with cutting-edge technology to give you clear, memorable images.

double electric breast pump

Comfort and Care

Our boutique-style setting exudes comfort, allowing you to unwind and fully enjoy this special experience. Going beyond traditional ultrasound services, we also offer a unique Mommy Care Kit. This kit contains carefully curated products designed for pain relief and comfort, including a 3-in-1 belly wrap, electric double breast pump, blood clot prevention cuffs, and compression socks, ensuring we care for you as much as we do for your baby.

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Instant and Accessible Memories

We value the priceless moments you share with your unborn baby, ensuring they're readily accessible. All of your baby's images and videos are stored on a USB drive and backed up to cloud storage for your convenience. These treasured memories are always just a click away, preserved for you to revisit time and again.

At Hey Baby Ultrasound, we pride ourselves on being more than an ultrasound clinic. We're your companion in cherishing and safeguarding these irreplaceable moments of your journey into parenthood. Discover the joy and wonder of 3D/4D ultrasounds at Hey Baby Ultrasound. Join our growing family today, and experience first-hand why we are the preferred choice for expecting parents.

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