Most Popular Baby Names Going Into 2022

Most Popular Baby Names Going Into 2022

As with all things, baby names have trends. As 2022 draws closer, so does a year of new popular baby names drawing inspiration from everything from nostalgic names to nature, to playful, to Bridgerton and other popular Netflix shows. It's always fun to see what the top baby names are but it can also feel overwhelming for parents given there are so many choices out there.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the more popular baby names for girls and boys going into 2022.

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Nostalgic Names

Old fashioned or nostalgic names forever retain that old-world charm. Names like Betty, Sally, and Mae are very popular baby names for girls, while Louie, Ralph, and Vincent are popular for boys. Expect to see even more of this next year as parents continue loving these classic old-timey names that have stood the test of time.

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Nature Names

If you want to be one with the Earth, names inspired by nature are a great choice. We've already seen some of these popular baby girl names from celebrities such as Luna and Willow. If your baby love is an earth angel, consider choosing a name like Meridian, Ocean, Prairie, or Koa.

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Pop Culture Names

With the popularity of Netflix's series, "Bridgerton", don't be surprised to see names like Eloise, Hyacinth, or Theo making an appearance in 2022. Other popular baby names inspired by pop culture include Luna (from Harry Potter), Ramona (from Goethe-Ramona), and Vega (Star Wars).

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Biblical and spiritual

Biblical and spiritual names continue to increase in popularity for girls and boys. If you want a name that is strong, traditional, and meaningful, consider names like Abraham, Galilee, or Jericho for boys, and Praise, Hannah, or Soul for girls.

If you want your baby to be a trend-setter from day one, here is a headstart on predictions for top baby names next year. No pressure, the name only lasts a lifetime. Are you ready to meet your new addition? Do you want to plan a gender reveal to surprise your friends and family? Or maybe you can’t wait to see your new child’s little nose and tiny fingers.

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