Choosing the Right Ultrasound Package for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Ultrasound Package for Your Needs

Hey Baby Ultrasound, offers the best first-time experience with your unborn baby. Providing the best in 3D and 4D ultrasound and ultrasound packages. Helping you hear your baby’s heartbeat, discover their gender, and see facial features. Our personable sonographers create a supportive ultrasound clinic for all of your check-ups. Choosing the right ultrasound package to meet your baby.

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The heartbeat package shows your baby’s heartbeat in real-time, synchronizing with the sonogram. As expectant parents witness the tiny heart on the screen, the experience creates a connection with their baby. Our heartbeat packages include five to ten-minute scans and one black-and-white print for moms from their eight to fourteen-week gestation period.


2D Gender Determination

2D gender determination packages through sonography offer you an exciting glimpse into your baby’s future. Transforming your ultrasound experience into a cherished milestone. This package includes five to ten-minute scans and two black and white prints for moms 14-20 weeks gestation period.

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HD Live Gender Determination

Live HD determination helps parents witness their baby’s gender reveal in 3D detail, capturing facial features and body structure. Providing a lifelike view of your baby’s anatomy. Including a 10-15 minute scan, two black and white prints, and one color print for women 14-20 weeks gestation period.


Deluxe HD Live High-Definition

Our best-selling ultrasound package offers advanced imaging technology into your baby’s world. Providing detailed facial expressions, delicate movements, and anatomical features, this package includes a 25-minute scan with two black and white, and in color. You will be sent home with video clips of the session, a USB with all of your pictures, and cloud access to all of your content. This package is ideal for women 26-32 weeks gestation.

Our packages create an immersive experience for our expectant parents. Depending on your current gestational period, Hey Baby Ultrasound will bring you closer to your baby. Contact us today to book your next ultrasound package with our sonographers!

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