4 Ways 4D Ultrasounds Are Different From 2D

4 Ways 4D Ultrasounds Are Different From 2D

4D ultrasound, also known as 3D ultrasound in motion, offers a whole new level of detail and clarity compared to traditional 2D ultrasounds. At Hey Baby Ultrasound in Kirkland, SA, we believe that one of life’s most defining moments is when you get that first glimpse of your baby. That’s why we provide an ultrasound that captures every detail of this moment with clarity and precision. Read more about the differences between 4D and 2D ultrasounds, then contact us to schedule an appointment!


Real-Time Images

4D ultrasound uses live streaming technology to create a video-like image of the fetus, allowing parents and healthcare providers to see the baby moving and even smiling in the womb. 2D ultrasound, on the other hand, captures a single static image at a specific point in time.


Increased Clarity and Detail

Due to the use of three-dimensional technology, 4D ultrasounds allow for the creation of more detailed images of the fetus and its surroundings. The added dimension also makes it easier to identify and diagnose potential problems, such as cleft lip or clubfoot.


Improved Bonding Experience

Unlike 2D ultrasounds, 4D offers a more interactive and emotional experience for parents, as they can see their baby moving and even hear their heartbeat. This can greatly enhance the bonding experience between parents and their unborn child.


Greater Flexibility

2D ultrasound is typically used during the first and second trimesters, while 4D ultrasound can be used throughout the entire pregnancy. This allows for more frequent monitoring of the baby's development and a greater chance of identifying any potential issues early on.

While 2D ultrasound remains an important diagnostic tool, 4D ultrasound offers a more comprehensive and interactive experience for parents and healthcare providers. If you would like to experience the joy this new form of ultrasound can bring, reach out to the team at Hey Baby Ultrasound to schedule an appointment!

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