At-Home Mommy Care Kit

We want you to be as comfortable as you can be during your pregnancy. That’s why we are offering the at-home Mommy Care Kit. You don't even need to be a client of ours. This kit comes with many different accessories to help make your pregnancy a better experience.

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What is In the Kit

There are two options to choose from when getting our Mommy Care Kit.

Option 1

Option 1 comes with a belly support band to support you and your baby, a lower back support to take some pressure off, blood clot prevention cuffs, a TENS unit to help relax your muscles, and a breast pump.

Option 2

Option 2 is going to come with everything that option 1 does, just without the breast pump. This is entirely up to you on which option you want to choose.

Covered By Most Insurance Companies

Hey Baby Ultrasound will help verify your eligibility. There is no impact to your insurance premiums.

At this time, Medicaid does not participate in this program.


Benefits of the Mommy Care Kit

Our Mommy Care Kit is designed to give mothers a healthy, medication-free products, to be used at home.

Belly Support Band

Our belly support band helps reduce stretch marks, reduces abdominal pain, reduces pelvic pain, and can help with any potential lower back pain.

Low Back Support

The purpose is in the name. This can help you with your lower back pain and also stabilize both prepartum and postpartum (pre-birth vs. post-birth).

TENS Pain Patch

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit sends small electrical pulses through electrodes that have adhesive pads to attach to wherever you are feeling pain. TENS Pain Patch will help with body aches, pain, swelling and circulation.

Blood Clot Prevention Cuffs

Our blood clot prevention cuffs are meant to be worn around your calves/ankles. We all know how swollen your legs, ankles, and feet can get during pregnancy. This helps increase circulation and reduce swelling.

Double Electric Breast Pump

This can promote healthy breastfeeding and is there for your convenience.

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