COVID-19 Update:

We are open and seeing patients by appointment only so we can schedule far enough apart to eliminate contact with other patients and to fully clean and sanitize our equipment. At this time spouses will be the only other person allowed in the room with Moms, however we can use My Baby's Journey streaming service to share with Family and Friends.

Live Stream Your Ultrasound

and much, much more!


My Baby's Journey

Your baby's journey starts with you and your family. We know that the defining moments in our lives create those special memories that all of us want to capture in the best possible way to tell the whole story of your baby’s journey.

​Hey Baby Ultrasound has partnered with a digital online company to live stream your session and instantly download all your videos and pictures! You can also access your personal account where you can edit, add music, and insert pregnancy pictures and family photos to personalize your memories, creating your very own "Baby's Journey".

You can also order fun things like canvas prints, coffee cups, and metal pictures all featuring photos of your baby from your 3D/4D ultrasound. My Baby’s Journey helps you preserve these special memories for years to come.

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